19 Apr Boyd Hall Update

As Chapel Hill continues to grow, so does Boyd Hall. We are happy to announce our newest addition, Deep Springs, LLC. Deep Springs is a real estate management and holding company from Hillsborough, who have just leased 1,159 square feet at Boyd Hall.

Another of Boyd Hall’s tenants, Armacell  is expanding into an additional 3,376 SF, making their total square footage 14,240.

We are also excited to announce the opening of UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s office. They have just completed the buildout of their new 8,000 square foot clinic. The clinic officially opens on May 1, 2017, but is now open for ultrasound appointments.

Boyd Hall is a Class A office building located at 55 Vilcom Center Drive on the corporate campus of Chapel Hill 40, just off Weaver Dairy Road, across the street from the Timberline Shopping Center. Currently there is one space remaining with 702 SF.

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